The Project represents a modest step in taking forward the struggle for a mass, democratic and socialist view to become the dominant trend within the workers’ movement. We are re-asserting the view that socialist change can only be the act of a politically aware working class itself organised in mass parties of millions. That our road to socialism is democratic, not in the constitutional or parliamentary sense but that only through the active participation of workers with full access to ideas, debates and arguments alongside the ability to elect and control their leaders from below is the way to build a force for social changes. At the heart of The Project is the attempt to make an unashamed and clear case for socialist revolution in opposition to the passing radical fads, a confused reformism and the lingering tumours of Stalinism.

The magazine brings together a number of views and analyses about the world we live in, our movement and the development of struggles. We do not claim to have all of the answers but have prepared a space for a real exchange on the way forward.

We welcome submissions from across our movement that address the struggles we face. If you would like to submit an article please send a brief outline to our editorial team: editor[AT]socialistproject.org

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