Manchester condemns NEC coup, defends democracy in Labour

Manchester condemns NEC coup, defends democracy in Labour

Over three hundred people packed into the Mechanics’ Institute in Manchester on 13 July, for a meeting called by Manchester Trades Council and the Manchester & Trafford branch of Momentum. Its purpose was to educate and encourage socialists to organise themselves within the Labour Party, so that we might more effectively defend the Corbyn leadership.

The meeting was the practically-oriented follow-up to the defiant open-air rally two weeks prior, where three thousand had assembled in Piccadilly Gardens to demonstrate their continued support for Jeremy Corbyn.

The agenda was prefaced with speeches from local activists, who noted the urgent need for decisive action in order to defend democracy within the Labour Party. I proposed the following resolution, which was passed unanimously:

Emergency Motion - defend democracy in the Labour Party

The meeting then split up into smaller groups organised first by CLP, then by wards to make firm plans. Many new faces were seen and new contacts made. What all this shows is that the Labour right have really shot themselves in the foot through their brazen cynicism; there is clearly now a much greater appetite among new members for getting involved in the party’s structures than at any time since Corbyn’s election last year.

MTUC / Momentum Meeting to defend Corbyn

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